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At My Soul Matchmaker, we believe that finding your true love and happiness is possible with the right tools and resources. That's why we offer a range of premium services to our clients. We provide more than matchmaking but an opportunity to grow and succeed in love, life, and relationships.

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"Uniting Hearts with Purpose"

Soul Matchmaking is a heart-centered, soul-based matchmaking process to finding and creating authentic, meaningful, long-lasting connections in love and relationships.


It's an intimate and personalized step-by-step intuitive approach that reveals your innermost self, your heart's deepest desires, and core values, bringing you into attunement with your ideal partner and soul mate.


Soul Matchmaking opens your heart and mind to perceive, attract, give, and receive healthy, genuine love. It's an integrative holistic method focused on chemistry, personal growth, interpersonal communication, spiritual connection, and soul-to-soul compatibility.

Reginald Lewis, The Soul Matchmaker founder of Soul Matchmaking, is committed to hand-selecting and assessing potential matches based on compatibility and intuition. His sole mission is to prepare you for and help you find a partner who aligns with your values and brings genuine happiness, joy, fulfillment, and substance into your life.

conscious dating

"Engaging Heart with Mind"

Conscious Dating is a revolutionary approach to matchmaking that prioritizes self-awareness, intentionality, and genuine interaction throughout the dating process.

 Our clients are encouraged to reflect on their desires and goals and to set conscious intentions for their dating journey, allowing them to establish a clear vision for their romantic pursuits.


By fostering this level of self-awareness, we can help our clients navigate the dating scene with greater confidence and purpose in alignment with their values and long-term vision.


We provide a safe, fair, and supportive environment, enabling our clients to approach each potential connection with ease and openness.

At My Soul Matchmaker, we embrace Conscious Dating principles to offer our clients a transformative and enriching dating experience.

Dating Relationship Coaching
Love Relationship Guidance Insight

"Love. Guidance. Insight"

Dating and Relationship Coaching supports, guides, and empowers individuals seeking to improve their love/romance life.

Whether you are single, looking to attract your ideal partner, or already in a relationship that could use nurturing, My Soul Matchmaker will work closely with you to identify growth areas, enhance communication, build trust, and foster emotional intimacy and intelligence to live and love at your fullest potential.


Consulting Services are tailored to provide a variety of practical strategies, knowledgeable guidance, invaluable wisdom, intuitive insights, and other resources to help you successfully navigate the complex and nuanced dynamics of your love and relationship journey with confidence and clarity.

Coaching and consulting is an enlightening and deeply healing experience that will elevate your romance life to a higher level of awareness and understanding.

events & workshops

"Love. Learn. Network"

My Soul Matchmaker offers live classes, workshops, and events for singles and couples to explore, learn, and connect meaningfully and authentically.

Learn from experts about effective communication, emotional intelligence, attachment styles, and cultivating more profound connections with yourself and others. Engaging workshops explore themes such as building trust in relationships, reigniting passion, and navigating the intricacies of modern dating.

My Soul Matchmaker provides a dynamic and interactive platform for learning and growth. Whether it's a thought-provoking panel discussion, a fun and interactive social gathering, or a serene mindfulness retreat, our events provide a space for thriving relationships and connections.


We believe that everyone deserves to experience love, learn from their experiences, and expand their network of authentic relationships.

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Matchmaking Services

My Soul Matchmaker Process

Soul Matchmaking with Reginald Lewis The Soul Matchmaker


Create Private Profile

Sign up and create your private profile by filling out our online form and choosing one of two membership options: become a Free Database Member or a Premium Client. If you opt to become a client, My Soul Matchmaker will review your profile and contact you to schedule your preliminary Screening and Interview Call directly with CEO and founder Reginald Lewis, The Soul Matchmaker.


Screening and Interview

During the screening and interview call, Reginald will ask you additional questions to assess your love and relationship goals and needs and determine whether his services are a good match for you as a potential client. This assessment ensures compatibility and establishes a solid foundation for a successful client and matchmaker relationship.


 Matchmaking and Dating 

If it's mutually agreed that you're a good fit, Reginald will take you on as a client. He will extend an invitation to meet face-to-face or via video call for an in-depth private consultation, develop a personal plan, and begin scouting for suitable matches to introduce and arrange a date with. Reginald will provide ongoing coaching and feedback throughout the matchmaking and dating process.

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Dating Concierge 

My Soul Matchmaker provides full-service matchmaking and dating concierge services. With our personalized approach, we take care of every detail, ensuring that our clients receive the utmost attention, care, and support throughout their dating journey.  

We Find The Right Match

My Soul Matchmaker discernfully selects each match, ensuring they align with your values, needs, and desires. We vet all matches, and you have the final say on who you meet. You can trust us to find only the most compatible individuals. 

We Curate The Date

My Soul Matchmaker plans and arranges the date (time, place reservations, etc.) based on your preferences. Leave the work to us. We make it easy for you with no stress and no hassle. Just show up, be on time, and be your authentic self.

You Enjoy The Date

My Soul Matchmaker schedules your date at our top partner restaurants and locations. We work with the best partners to ensure your first meeting is an enjoyable experience and leaves a great first impression. 

Additional Services

Personal Styling and Image Consulting

My Soul Matchmaker collaborates with leading men and women stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers, photographers, and other experts to ensure you look and feel your absolute best. We offer both in-person and virtual styling services, including personal style analysis, closet editing, and wardrobe styling. 

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My Soul Matchmaker offers two distinctive membership options to singles: Premium and Passive. The Premium membership route involves an active search for clients, while Passive membership is for those who want to participate in the database as a potential match for clients.


Private Client Membership

Are you a single, successful, purpose-driven person seeking a partner whose life values, goals, and vision align with yours? Ready to embark and invest in a healthy, committed relationship with the help of a professional matchmaker? If you answered yes, this private membership is for you. It's a proactive way of attracting and meeting that special someone with whom you can share your journey, grow, and build a fulfilling life together. Our premium membership offers a bespoke matchmaking experience tailored to your unique needs, heart desires, and lifestyle. Working directly with our founder, The Soul Matchmaker extraordinaire Reginald Lewis, you'll receive unparalleled attention, expertise, and guidance on a profoundly personal journey to finding your soul mate partner.


Client membership cost: Starting at $5,000


Complementary Database Membership

Not ready to hire a matchmaker? No problem; this membership allows you to join our private Soul Mate Database for free. We have top-tier clients looking to meet commitment-minded eligible singles of substance and high quality. By signing up, you can be screened and vetted as a potential match with one of our premium members at absolutely no cost. That's right, there are no extra or hidden fees if/when you're matched and set up on a date.


Take advantage of our complementary database today. You could be a suitable match with one of our distinguished bachelors or bachelorettes. 

Database membership cost: $0 (Completely free)

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