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1:1 Coaching & Consulting with Reginald

With Reginald's expertise and guidance, one-on-one sessions provide a powerful opportunity to explore matters of the heart with clarity, confidence, and confidentiality. These deep-dive intuitive sessions offer a transformative experience that empowers you to navigate the complexities of love, gain clarity on your current relationship status, heal from your past traumas, expand your heart, and create more healthy relationships and a fulfilling love life.  

Private Coaching and Consulting   
with Reginald Lewis The Soul Matchmaker


Are you feeling lost, stuck, and struggling in your love life? Whether you're facing relationship hurdles, single, dating, recently broken up, healing emotional wounds, or seeking to attract a soul mate partner, Reginald can help you. Reginald has aided countless individuals, including celebrities and high-profile figures, in positively navigating and shifting their reality and relationships to experience more loving, joyful, and soul-fulfilling lives. With complete confidentiality, Reginald provides a safe, judgment-free zone where you can feel at ease expressing your true self and explore your innermost concerns and questions about love, dating, relationships, and personal growth​ without taboos, guilt, shame, or fear - only unconditional love, support and understanding.

Intuitive, Reginald has an uncanny ability to tune in to and read people's energy, allowing him to directly pinpoint and address their core problems, relationship desires, and needs. With a clear-cut, compassionate approach, he offers insightful guidance, practical tools and techniques, and a unique perspective that is profoundly transformative and empowering. Reginald Lewis The Soul Matchmaker™ with his intuitive wisdom and extraordinary expertise, will get to the heart and soul of the matter and help you resolve your relationship issues and achieve your goals in rapid time. Reginald can change your life by changing your energy in just one session!

1-Hour Coaching / Consulting Session

Phone, Skype, or Zoom


Deep Transformation Coaching Package

4 Sessions $1,800

Scheduled Weekly or Bi-weekly 


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The following topics are the most popular with 1:1 clients:

Attracting A Soul Mate

Compatibility Assessment

Building Confidence & Trust

Releasing Blockages & Old Patterns

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Being Your Authentic Self

Awakening Your Heart Center

Handling Pain & Negativity

Self-Love & Awareness

Reclaiming Personal Power

Effective Communication Skills

Improving Emotional Intelligence

Letting Go/Clearing Old Relationship

Listening To The Intuitive Heart

Creating A Purposeful Relationship

Cultivating Compassion

Conscious Dating

Healing From Heartbreak

Conquering Fear & Anxiety

Overcoming Commitment Issues

Love Languages

Recognizing Relationship Red Flags

Overcoming Loneliness

Balancing Work & Relationship

Request to work privately with Reginald. Gain valuable clarity, profound insights, and the tools to get on track to achieving everything you desire in love and relationships.

Contact us to schedule a session or for more details. You'll hear from us within 2-3 business days.

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